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Alexis bubbles

In Paris in the 12th arrondissement, Alexis Tricoire revisits the design of plants by integrating them into bubbles, both outdoors and indoors. Any question? Ask an expert In one click Private sales Jardiner Malin up to -65, be alerted! On The same subject Stuffed tomatoes arrive at the right time, with nice and big fleshy tomatoes.
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Sea bream tartare, creamy vanilla and ginger emulsion

Deliciously flavored and easy to make, this sea bream tartare with vanilla and ginger is a pure delight.Ingredients for 4 people: Tartare: 300 g of sea bream fillet 1 shallot 8 red and yellow cherry tomatoes 1 tsp. tablespoon of coriander Emulsion: 1 lime ½ vanilla pod 1 cm of fresh ginger 4 tsp.
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Lamb tagine with vegetables

The lamb tagine with small vegetables is a dish that breathes the sun and the flavors and spices, it is generally unanimous around the table.Ingredients for 4 people: 800 g of boneless shoulder of lamb2 beautiful carrots1 courgettes4 turnips1 stalk of celery1 onion4 cloves of garlic150 g raisinsSpices: curry, turmeric, paprika, saffronSalt, pepperRecipe of lamb tagine with vegetablesThis recipe for lamb tagine with vegetables is ideally prepared a few hours before or even the day before to give the meat time to candy lightly.
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Chestnut cream in foie gras cappuccino

Ideal for a festive dish, this recipe for cream of chestnuts in a foie gras cappuccino is a real treat.Ingredients for 4 people: 1 onion 1 potato 50 g of butter 500 g of chestnuts cooked under vacuum or a box of canned chestnuts 1 l of whole milk300 g fresh foie gras20 cl liquid cream a few tips of asparagus 2 macaroni noodles ZITA 1 bunch of fresh herbs 4 sprigs of chervil Espelette pepper, salt Also read: health benefits and virtues of chestnuts - In a saucepan, brown the 'onion sliced ​​in butter, add the diced potato, chestnuts, then whole milk.
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Clivia: the Lily of St-Joseph

Clivia is a beautiful indoor flowering plant.It is the delight of our homes and apartments thanks to its great decorative power and unique flowers.In summary, what you need to know: Name: CliviaFamily: AmaryllidaceaeType: Plant of interior Height: 0.4 to 0.6 m indoors Exposure: Bright or partial shade Soil: Compost Foliage: Persistent Flowering: spring Planting and repotting clivia Clivia is a plant that is not easily moved.
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Trees and shrubs

Elegant camellias

If the rose is the star of the beautiful season, the camellia echoes it during the winter months, playing with the cold to deploy a generous bloom, declining refined hues and flowers of an incredible diversity of shapes. Read also: How to grow camellia Camellia, flowers in the heart of winterCamellia sasanqua, late autumn magicThe best location for camelliaInstall it away from cold drafts and the scorching rays of the sun.
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