Alder (Alnus): likes wet areas

Alder (Alnus): likes wet areas

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The alder is a beautiful tree, well known for adapting to wetlands such as banks and swamps.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Alnus
Family: Betulaceae

Type : Tree

Height: 10 to 18m
Exhibition: South
Ground : ordinary

Foliage: Lapsed -Feature : Rustic

Easy to maintain, the alder requires almost no care when properly installed.

Alder plantation

The alder plantation preferably done at autumn because it promotes rooting before winter and better recovery in spring.

But for subjects bought in containers, you can also plant it in spring and summer, avoiding periods of high heat.

  • Water regularly during the 1st year after planting
  • Follow our planting tips

We like to plant alder when soils are poor because it adapts perfectly to it.

To know about the alder

Like the willow, the alder particularly likes wet soils.

It cleans the soil and is therefore particularly suitable for flooded areas.

The alder is a tree that can reach 20 m in height and offers a red-colored wood that is used in particular in pontoon piles for its rot-proof qualities.

It was also used in Venice to make stilts.

It is also planted to consolidate the banks of rivers.

Known species of alder

Alnus Cordata or Alder from Corsica, it is resistant to the first bad weather of autumn which therefore allows it to persist for quite a long time, generally until November.

Corsican alder grows faster than other species.

Alnus Glutinosa or Common Alder, it is known for its hardiness and is particularly colorful in early spring.

White alder or alnus Incana. It adapts very well to poor soils and mountainous regions thanks to its great hardiness.

Smart tip about alder

Alder is very allergenic, be careful if you are sensitive to pollen.

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